Leaf Guard Installation

After the beautiful fall foliage in New Hampshire is done comes the dreaded task of cleaning up all of those leaves. Fortunately, you don’t have to clean them out of your gutters if you have Absolute Gutters install leaf guards on your new or existing aluminum gutters.

As with our gutter installation services, we also provide options for leaf guard systems based on our client’s desire and the site conditions. Both systems are low-profile (unable to be seen from the ground), highly effective, and will keep your gutters debris-free. These leaf guards will not void your roof warranty as they are integrated into the gutter and secured with fasteners to the fascia.

Leaf Relief® Leaf Guard Installation

The Leaf Relief® gutter guard system is a highly durable perforated aluminum that, once installed, strengthens the gutter by as much as 50% – protecting against ladder crushes and the weight of ice and snow. While most seamless gutter hangers have a load capacity of about 350 pounds; adding the Leaf Relief® system increases that load capacity to 857 pounds.

This system allows for a high volume of water flow due to the number of perforations per square inch. There’s no need to worry about buildup on this gutter guard, either. A 6 MPH wind will blow dry leaves and pine needles off of it.

Leaf Relief by Play Gem logo

LeafBlaster Pro® Gutter Guard System

The LeafBlaster Pro® gutter guard system is a stainless-steel micro-mesh filter with an extruded frame that seamlessly installs in any gutter type. We will often recommend this system on homes that have a lot of pine trees and fine debris.

LeafBlaster Pro® keeps everything out – even asphalt shingle grit – yet still maintains a high-volume capacity for removing storm water. With a hole size of 550 µ, it meets the national standard for prefiltration of rainwater harvesting systems*- a benefit for homeowners who collect rainwater. And, like the Leaf Relief® system, all it takes is a little breeze to clear the leaves off.

LeafBlaster Pro - logo
Image with leaf gutter guard and another image with leaves filling gutter

If you’re ready to say “no” to cleaning leaves out of your gutter forever, give our office a call for a free estimate!

*ANSI 63-2013

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